So I grew up thinking that story-telling was  a bad thing; that making up stuff made you a liar.  But the stories only continued to grow in my heart.  These are stories that we can all use as God-given life-lessons and strength, derived from other people’s situations in order to do, and make sense of this thing called life. 

Stories of everyday life;  inspirational stories of rising above the challenges and obstacles that everyday life throws at each and every one of us.  Stories that serve to remind us all that there is a greater force within each and every one of us that when we connect with that inner force, we are all able to do extraordinary things.  Life's stories.

For many years I suppressed my stories.  I stopped believing in their inspirational power, and I certainly did not want to be liar!    But as I grow older, I am slowly learning to be brave and courageous.  I am slowly allowing those stories that had long been buried in my heart to unfold with reckless abandon.

It is my hope and most sincere prayer, that as you flip through the pages of my stories, and as you somehow interact with all the characters, that you too would be inspired!

Life writes the best stories!

This is My Story.....

We’re all born with a blank canvas on which to paint our lives.  I’m painting mine with the brightest, boldest colours imaginable.  I have always loved telling stories!

I was born and raised in the beautiful land of Zimbabwe.  I am the eldest of six children.  As far as I can recall, I have been writing short stories ever since the age of twelve, and although none of them were ever published, I have always held on to the  belief that life writes the best stories.  

When I was a child, I was frequently told that I had an extra-ordinary imagination – that I told tall stories.  

Canada's favourite up and coming inspirational story teller

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