Canada's favourite up and coming inspirational story teller

Released October 2016

Love Changes Everything!

April is a busy, career-orientated young woman who has just found her footing in a very well known marketing firm. Her world literally comes to a halt when her mother almost dies in a car crash, trying to get away from her father. April visits her mother everyday at the hospital, and unbeknown to her – she catches the attention of a drop-dead-gorgeous British Resident Doctor, Jason Watson, who is still healing from the scars left by the demons of his past. 

As Jason and April search for their answers, their love story becomes an inspiration for Racquel and Steven as their family gains a new understanding of God’s divine emotional and physical healing, and the realisation that true joy and peace come where grace and forgiveness abound.

After discovering that the little orphaned child that she had fallen in love with in the pediatric unit was actually her husband Steven’s child with his recently deceased secretary, Racquel Levin is distraught and unsure about how to carry on with life as they had known it. Seeing as her happy family unit was falling apart, Racquel decides to go away for a few days to think things through. On her way to a healing retreat, she gets involved in a near-tragic car accident and is admitted into the ICU where she remained unconscious for a couple of weeks.